Wedding Centrepieces

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So I got married on Friday, and I was left in charge of everything (with exception of the brides outfit and flowers) so instead of going the traditional route of floral centrepieces that’ll be dead in a week I decided to revel in both my incredibly geeky nature and Jessica’s love of all things miniature (mind out of the gutter) and here are some (not all, I haven’t been able to get photo’s of two of the 10 I did…yet) of the ideas that I came up with.



Wedding Outfit (The Groom)

I got married yesterday, so you can expect the next few blogs I publish to be somehow wedding related. Today I’m going to be talking about what I wore.



So here we have, myself, the ever so handsome and dashing groom, sporting a delightful wilvrost tailcoat, over royal blue DQT waistcoat with matching pocket square and buttonhole. this is all topped off with a spiffy black cravat adorned with a nice little swarovski, mother of pearl cravat pin.


Other sartorial quirks for the day included a gold Prince Albert Watch Chain and Fob, with matching watch, as well as my family crest emblazoned gold cufflinks.

Batman Model

I’ve been mucking about with some more ideas for wedding centrepieces here is part of a batman themed one that I have been working on.


As you can see, the GCPD headquarters is only partially finished, as I have to add a great deal of graffiti and some other bits, but it should be done in good time for the wedding.

Centrepiece Ideas

Since I’ve been left in charge of organising my wedding, I have been looking at ideas for wedding decorations, and the idea that infuriates me most, are centrepieces. Whilst they often look nice I don’t really want to be spending a great deal of money on what is essentially table dressing, I mean runners and tablecloths are going to cost enough without adding some massive floral monstrosity into the budget.

And then it hit me, after looking through the photo’s of my Aunts wedding many centrepieces these days are simple affairs such as pebbles in a fish bowl. So thats where my idea has stemmed, but also incorporates my love of nerdy stuff and Jessica’s love of miniatures.  So came the idea of some themed terrarium’s.


Here are some early ideas.


What To Wear On Your Wedding Day

Who knew that when it come to groom’s wear there would be such a choice out there, so if you find yourself in my situation and don’t know what to wear here are some classic examples of wedding wear for men.

A Lounge Suit

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A lounge suit is your basic suit, if worn with a waistcoat it can look pretty smart, now the waistcoat doesn’t necessarily have to be matching and that adds something different and can actually lend a dash of colour to your special day.

A Morning Suit 


Your basic morning suit is a morning tailcoat with a waistcoat and a pair of striped trousers, a classic look popular in Edwardian times and still in fashion to this day, worn with a cravat or tie is the height of wedding chic, but I will warn you, if you are going to wear a top hat to complete the look be sure that you aren’t a little on the larger side, because speaking from recent experience if you are and go for this look you do run the risk of looking like the fat controller from Thomas The Tank Engine.

A Prince Edward Suit


A cross between the lounge suit and a frock coat, the Prince Edward suit is a draped jacket that ends mid way between the waist and the knee (mid thigh) and works as both a suit or as a jacket over matching waistcoats and trousers.

A Frock Coat


A long formal coat with satin lapels, to be worn with matching trousers over a waistcoat and cravat, again from recent experience, a navy blue frock coat looks bad ass over a burgandy waistcoat and a gold cravat, coupled with tan shoes and gold topped cane. Best worn during the winter months because they are very often made of thick wool.

Black Tie


Bow tie with a satin lapel jacket, the height of chic that the modern world offers, however I always feel that it isn’t really appropriate for a wedding, as weddings usually take place in the day and black tie is very much evening wear, and it does still bring up the waistcoat/ cummerbund debate. Other variants also include the velvet jacket and or a white diner jacket.

White Tie


White tie is a classic, an evening tailcoat, a white waistcoat and matching bow tie, what could possibly look more elegant.

Accessories that will also need some consideration for all of the above will be:

  1. Bow Ties
  2. Ties
  3. Cravat
  4. Pocket Square
  5. Cufflinks
  6. Pocket Watch
  7. Top Hat
  8. Canes
  9. Tie Clips
  10. Stick Pins
  11. Cravat Pins
  12. Button Holes